About ZSB

There is a growing interest for marketing and communications experts in Croatian and world labour markets, while there is a small number of higher education institutions that provide education for students concentrated in the fields of marketing and communications.

It is very important to emphasize that due to the process of restructuring in economy which is present, while the labour market does not offer competent employees for managing such market processes, while it searches for adaptability of new knowledge and work flexibility coupled with specialization.  

Accordingly, ZSB’s study programme aims to educate students that will contribute to successful businesses in the fields of marketing and communications. Ministry of science, education and sport assessed that on October 11th 2006, when it issued a permit allowing ZSB to offer a professional study of marketing and communications to students.

On May 15th 2015, ZSB got issued a permit for opening a specialized professional graduate study of marketing and communication. Analysis of comparative programmes from Croatian universities was made, especially faculty of economics as well as other higher education institutions concentrated towards business economics and journalism and politics faculties.

Moreover, an analysis of other renowned higher education institutions from European Union member countries was undertaken. Our programmes are aligned with Bologna declaration principles which is accepted u most of Europe as a leading policy in developing higher education institutions as well as a framework for change in existing founded educational institutions.

Upon successful completion of undergraduate study, ZSB students receive a title baccalareus (bacc.oec.). Upon finishing a specialized professional graduate study, students receive a title Specialist in marketing and communications (struč.spec.oec.).