Alumni Club

Alumni club is an association of Zagreb School of Business former students, over 710 of them. We encourage you to stay in contact with your school and keep supporting our values in higher education through advocacy, involvement and giving. We hope you made valued and long friendships and contacts. By being a part of a number of alumni that call Zagreb School of Business their alma mater, you are a part of a dynamic and diverse alumni family, from teachers and journalists to managers and sport stars. As a ZSB graduate, you are automatically a member of ZSB Alumni club. Whether you call your home Zagreb or some other part of Croatia, you are connected through a special network that is a part of ZSB family, wherever you go and whatever you do.

How can I get involved?

We invite you to become an active member of your college in a way that is meaningful for you. Join us and participate in events, volunteering and sharing your and our pride. Gained knowledge and acquired experiences helped us in leading a successful career and life. The value of your diplomas has increased while Zagreb School of Business grew horizontally by opening new undergraduate study programmes, as well as opening a specialised graduate study programme. We can also take an active part in ensuring the level of quality in teaching stays for the future generations of students.

And? How do I join?

Update your information and share your story. Filling an application form is just a first step (can be found at the bottom of the page). If you just want to register or share your story, please contact us through email:

Take your copy of Albert magazine for the latest news from ZSB, bookmark our website and read news from our website (

Connect with us through social networks:

Hang your ZSB diploma in your office or workplace.

Visit Alumni events and bring a friend.

Share your ZSB experience with potential students and their parents and encourage them to enrol at Zagreb School of Business.

Help a fellow student or alumni with his or her career.

Give a lecture or address student groups and share your experiences with them.

Stay in contact with professors and ZSB staff.