Zagreb School of Business is a part of Erasmus+ programme and holds Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for the period from 2014. to 2020. Erasmus+ programme includes all European and international programmes and European Union initiatives in education, training, youth and sport. The programme promotes cross-border mobility of students, teaching and administrative staff in Europe. So far, around 3 million students and school staff received support for work and studying abroad.


International Student Guide

Participating countries

28 countries of EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey.

Mobility types

Erasmus+ (2014-2020) promotes several types of mobility:

1. Student Mobility for Studies Abroad (SMS)

2. Student Mobility Placements (SMP)

3. Staff Mobility for Teaching (STA)

4. Staff Mobility for Training (STT)

Conditions of Support
Students must be enrolled in Zagreb School of Business (it does not apply for students doing internship after the diploma). Teaching and non-teaching staff must be employed by Zagreb School of Business to be able to take part in the programme.

Erasmus+ mobility support does not cover insurance expenses. Zagreb School of Business, European Commission, or Agency for Mobility and EU are not responsible for damages incurred in cases of disease, death, accident, injuries and loss or damage to property during Erasmus+ mobility (SMS, SMP, STA, STT). Every recipient of mobility support is responsible for his or her insurance coverage.

Additional funds for students with children or students with disability
Students can receive special funds for additional expenses during the mobility period. Please contact your Erasmus coordinator well in advance, since ZSB has to apply for additional funds at least two months before the start of the mobility.

Erasmus Charter – view it HERE

Erasmus Policy Statement – view it HERE


1. Student Mobility for Studies Abroad (SMS)

All students that have completed their first year of study and are chosen for Erasmus+ programme of exchange at Zagreb School of Business or those that secured an internship in one of the participating countries are acceptable for financial support. Erasmus coordinator will inform you about ways of registering for Erasmus+ mobility.

Erasmus+ in all phases of your study programme

Erasmus+ enables students to spend time abroad in one of Erasmus+ programme countries in Europe. Mobility period can be up to 12 months for undergraduate and graduate students. Support is available for reasons of studying and doing internships.

Advantages of Erasmus+ mobility

Students chosen for mobility receive support from Zagreb School of Business and do not have to pay tuition to the host institution, while passed courses are recognized through “Learning Agreement”.

Erasmus+ scholarship

Furthermore, Erasmus+ offers support for students in covering their accommodation expenses while abroad. Support amount for Erasmus+ mobility is based on different expenses incurred in host countries. Please check the possible amounts for specific countries in tender documentation. 

Online language support

Online Linguistic Support (OLS) supports studying a language for Erasmus+ mobility participants. OLS language competence assessment is a duty of all participants in Erasmus+ mobility. Furthermore, chosen participants can follow online language course to improve their language competences.  

Erasmus+ is a partial scholarship

Erasmus+ scholarship does not cover all the expenses incurred while studying abroad. Students must make sure all their basic expenses during the mobility period are insured.


All students enrolled as a full-time students of Zagreb School of Business can apply for mobility opportunities through Erasmus+ programme, irrespective of nationality.

Partner institutions

Please check a list of partner institutions to view study abroad opportunities through Erasmus+ programme.