What does Zagreb School of Business have to offer?

Zagreb School of Business offers a 3 year professional undergraduate study and a 2 year specialised graduate professional study. By finishing professional undergraduate study of Marketing and communications, a student earns 180 ECTS points and a bachelor’s degree (baccaleures/baccalaurea) in marketing and communications (bacc. oec.). 

Beginning in 2016./2017. Academic year, Zagreb School of Business opened up a new professional undergraduate study Cultural Management and Production. It is a 6 semester study (3 years) and by finishing the study a student earns 180 ECTS points and a bachelor’s degree (baccaleures/baccalaurea) in management and production in culture (bacc. cult.).


Along with undergraduate studies, ZSB started offering a specialised professional graduate study of Marketing and communications. By finishing this study, a student earns 120 ECTS points. The study is 4 semesters long (2 years).

A 3 year undergraduate study of Marketing and communications and a 2 year of professional graduate study make a rounded student vertical of 3+2 years of study and a total of 300 ECTS points upon finishing the programme. 

Schooling is conducted according to Bologna declaration principles which enables students to cross over to other complimentary programmes in Croatia and abroad. Study programme is based on analysed programmes from Croatian Universities, faculty of political sciences and journalism as well as from other reputable programmes in the world.

The programme is conducted by reputable and experienced professors with industry experience.

The founder of Zagreb School of Business is Open Public College Zagreb, a public institution for education, culture and publishing with a long and rich tradition, significant achievements in education and is also one of the oldest institutions for educating adults in this part of Europe.

Zagreb School of Business is located in Ulica grada Vukovara 68, where classes are being held in great conditions considering the space, classrooms and cabinets that are equipped with state of the art teaching aids.

ZSB is a member of CARnet so students have a possibility of using internet at an affordable rate. Students can also use POUs library with 35000 titles among which two thirds is professional literature that is being updated with a new literature for the needs of study programmes.