Noah De Deken

Noah De Deken

“Hi! My name is Noah De Deken. I am an Erasmus student at Poslovno Veleuciliste in Zagreb, Croatia!

So far, my experience has been great, even though Covid-19 is still ongoing throughout most of the world. To be honest, I hadn’t that many expectations when going to Croatia. But I was wrong. The people here are very friendly and open. Also, almost everybody speaks at least basic English, which is very useful if you don’t speak the language.

Zagreb itself is also very nice. There is quite a lot to do even during Corona. There is a nice blend between nature and city life. And even if you don’t think that Zagreb isn’t enough, there are a lot of options to travel. Me myself have explored a lot of Croatia. It is absolutely beautiful and not to mention pretty cheap.

As for the university, it is very nice. The professors are very nice and helpful. If you have any problems, they are there to help you immediately. As for the courses, they are educative and fun. There is a nice mix between raw economic courses and some more abstract business classes.

It might not have been my first choice to come to Zagreb, it’s a choice that I will never regret.

Noah De Deken, Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences and Art , Antverpen, Belgium