About Zagreb & Croatia

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and a typical central-east European city. It is the cultural, scientific, economic, political and administrative centre of the Republic of Croatia, and home to the Croatian Parliament, the Government of the Republic of Croatia, and the President. Its favourable location – between the Pannonian Basin, the edge of the Alps and the Dinarides – has allowed the city to become a crossing point for mass international communication.

The city is protected from the cold northern winds by the mountain of Medvednica and opens up to the rest of the world thanks to a spacious plain and the Sava river.

Zagreb, with a population of nearly one million, contains almost a quarter of the entire population of Croatia. Lounging in cafés has been a long tradition in this city.

The Zagreb Green Horseshoe and the main square of Ban Josip Jelačić have always been hubs of social life in Zagreb. Nowadays, this has spread across the entire city centre, around the pedestrianised zone and even further.

People from all walks of life can find something of interest here. Cafés around Ban Jelačić, or simply ‘Square’, as it is often referred to, attract prominent figures. Preradović Square, also known as Flower Square, is loved by artists and young people, as well as an older crowd. Tkalčićeva, once the border between Gradec and Kaptol, used to be full of pubs and served as the red-light district, but nowadays it is a trendy destination for rendezvous and relaxation for the whole family.


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