How to apply

How to apply


Incoming Erasmus students - Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in studying at Zagreb School of Business (HR ZAGREB 21) within the Erasmus+ Framework.


To take part in the Erasmus Exchange Programme at Zagreb School of Business, you have to first contact the International or Erasmus Office at your home institution. This is in order to express your interest and examine if you are eligible to applying for an Erasmus Study Mobility.

Zagreb School of Business can only receive students in the areas of studies specified in the Bilateral Agreement between the two institutions. If there is no such agreement, it will not be possible to receive students.

Once the home institution has approved your application and officially nominated you for a study mobility at Zagreb School of Business, we can then initiate the application procedure.


In order to apply for an Erasmus Study Mobility at ZSB, you have to submit the following documents:

  1. The Learning Agreement from your institution
  2. A filled in and signed application form
  3. The arrival form
  4. A copy of the EU-Health Card or a private health insurance policy
  5. An official certificate/proof of English proficiency
  6. A photo for the Student Administration Office
  7. The academic transcript issued and stamped by your university
  8. A copy of national ID card or passport
  9. A letter of recommendation

The above-mentioned documents must be sent by post to the following address before the application deadline:

Zagreb School of Business / Poslovno veleučilište Zagreb
N/R Erasmus koordinator- Neven Šipić
Ulica grada Vukovara 68

10000 Zagreb, Croatia

If for any reason the application documents are likely to arrive late, you can send us scanned copies of the said documents by email at and send the originals print copies by post thereafter.

Language Requirements

The languages of instruction at Zagreb School of Business are Croatian and English. Students meet the minimum English language requirements if their level of English is at least B2. The school offers English courses at various levels to help students with the language requirements.

Nomination and application deadlines

Nomination: 30 June (Semester 1/winter semester and entire academic year)

Application deadline: 31 July

Nomination: 30 September (Semester 2/Spring semester)

Application deadline: 30 October

Academic Studies

In order to enrol on courses at Zagreb School of Business, you have to choose from the list of courses offered in the upcoming semester. Each student must:

  • Ensure that the selected courses selected are compatible with the ones offered at his/her home institution
  • Obtain the the approval of the sending institution’s academic supervisor or Erasmus coordinator
  • Ensure that there is no scheduling conflict between the elected courses and pre-requisites

Learning Agreement

When planning your study schedule at ZSB, you should first check the requirements of your sending institution (and your academic supervisor) and then fill in the Learning Agreement. Please ask your home university to provide you with a template of the Learning Agreement.

The Learning Agreement is a list of courses a student can elect and it makes the credits-transfer easier. The student, the sending institution, and Zagreb School of Business must sign the agreement before the mobility.

The information you will need to fill in your Learning Agreement:

The receiving Institution

Name Zagreb School of Business Faculty
Erasmus Code (If applicable) HR ZAGREB 21 Department
Address Ulica Grada Vukovara 68 Country, Country Code CROATIA, HR
Contact person
Students Coordinator
Neven Šipić Institutional
Neven Šipić
+385 955365016
+385 955365016

Guidelines on how to fill in your Learning Agreement:

  1. Bachelor students can only register for Bachelor courses and Master students can only register for Master courses. Please be careful in your selection and ensure that your academic supervisor at your home institution has approved the elected courses.
  2. Students can obtain a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 ECTS credits
  3. Please make sure you have no scheduling conflicts in the courses timetable
  4. Take into consideration course prerequisites. If you have not previously taken any courses similar to the one listed in course prerequisites, you cannot elect those courses.

Changes to the Learning Agreement

Due to the existing internal regulation of Zagreb School of Business, amendments to the Learning Agreement need to be finalized within the first four weeks of the semester.
The agreement should be updated immediately after changes are made.
Please keep in mind that after arriving at ZSB, you might have to modify the Learning Agreement for specific reasons, such as, the cancellations of classes or scheduling conflicts.
The students can fill in the Learning Agreement only after they have received the final course list. The signed form should be sent by email to

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar is a source of information and planning for students. The calendar includes registration dates, course start dates, exam period schedule, and holidays.

A week before the beginning of each semester, Zagreb School of Business carries out the Orientation Programme for all new students. The Orientation Programme aims to familiarize students with their new environment, assist with their integration with new and existing students, improve their English language skills, and present the City of Zagreb before the beginning of the academic year. Please note that the participation is free of charge and not mandatory.


Zagreb School of Business can help students find accommodation using its signed lease agreements with landlords.

Please note that regardless of whether students choose the proposed accommodation or find housing on your own, Zagreb School of Business is not responsible for the actual booking, housing conditions, or contracts made between the students and landlords.

Guidelines for Incoming Erasmus Students

STEP 1 – Nomination and application

STEP 2 – Acceptance

  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Learning Agreement – to be filled in after the course list is published
  • Accommodation
  • Tickets

STEP 3 – Before arrival

  • Confirm Accommodation
  • Confirm Courses (Learning Agreement)
  • Academic Calendar

STEP 4 – Upon arrival

Find the ZSB Erasmus Office:
Ulica Grada Vukovara 68, 1stFloor, Room 242
Should you have any questions, please visit the office or contact us by email at neven.sipic@pvzgor
at or call at +385 955365016.

  • Sign Certificate of Arrival
  • ZSB Student ID

STEP 5 – During the semester

  • Send us your new contact details
  • Revised Learning Agreement (if necessary)

STEP 6 – After the mobility

  • Send us photos and a short feedback about your experience at ZSB and in Croatia