Internship Programmes

Zagreb School of Business offers the undergraduate and graduate professional study programmes in Marketing and Communication. The undergraduate programme lasts three years (6 semesters) and provides 180 ECTS credits. Upon its completion, students are awarded the academic title Professional Bachelor of Marketing and Communication. We also offer a Specialist Graduate Professional study which lasts two years (4 semesters) and ensures 120 ECTS credits. Graduate students are awarded the title of Professional Specialist of Marketing and Communication.

The particularities of these studies are their interdisciplinary approach which connects and integrates the marketing discipline as economic science to the marketing profession, public relations, media and journalism.

Students can also opt for two other study programmes: the Undergraduate Professional study of Cultural Management and Production, which allows the student to acquire basic skills and competences for specific management characteristics in various areas of culture (galleries, museums, publishing houses, archiving, library activities) and arts (theatre, music, film production), as well as various models of cultural and art activities. The study programme lasts for 6 semesters and ensures 180 ECTS credits. Upon completing the programme, students obtain the title of Professional Bachelor of Cultural Management and Production.

As of the 2017-18 academic year, we also offer the Undergraduate Professional Study of Supply Chain Management. This programme does not yet offer courses in English.

The courses are aligned with the Bologna Declaration principles, which enable students to move to other comparable studies in Croatia and abroad. Zagreb School of Business has joined the Erasmus+ programme which opens doors to a greater mobility of its students and teaching staff.

Studies can be taken in part-time or full-time capacity.


Find out more by downloading our study programme booklets, course catalogues and courses taught in English for Erasmus+ students.


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