General Information

Zagreb School of Business enrolled its first generation of undergraduate students of marketing and communications in 2006. Its founder is the Public Open University Zagreb, an educational institution with a tradition spanning over one hundred years and a considerable reputation in Croatian education, especially as the leading institution in the field of lifelong learning.

Zagreb School of Business is located in the city’s business centre, at the heart of University Boulevard (“Sveučilišna Aleja”), surrounded by educational and business institutions, which provide the perfect environment for a future business person.

In today’s business world, various jobs in numerous companies require further training and education in order to get ahead on the market and to show commitment to learning and advancement. Zagreb School of Business enables you to achieve all required qualifications for your professional advancement, to perfect your knowledge, and gain additional skills.

Organisational Structure and Contacts


Lukša Lulić, PhD


Vice Dean for International Relations

Željka Zavišić, PhD



Vice Dean for Science

Dorotea Milas, MA



Vice Dean for Student Affaires

Goran Luburić, MA



Erasmus Coordinator

Neven Šipić, MSc



Head of Marketing & Communication Department

Tanja Grmuša, PhD, Assistant Professor


Head of Department for Cultural Management and Production

Sanja Rocco, MSc



Head of Department for Supply Chain Management

Predrag Čudina, prof.



Secretary General

Marija Baričević, LLM



Student Office

Andreja Šušković Medved, bacc oec.

Mia Flego, mag.oecc.



Centre for Publishing : Tanja Grmuša, PhD

Centre for Professional Practice: Dorotea Milas, MA

Centre for Multimedia: Sanja Rocco, MSc

Creative Student Department Promotion 307: Goran Luburić, MA