Our lecturers in England within the QVS project

The third meeting of partners in the international project “Quality of virtual studies” – QVS within the activities of the Erasmus + KA2 program was held last week on 17-19 May 2022 in England at the partner institution School of Coding.

The third meeting of partners in the international project “Quality of virtual studies” – QVS within the activities of the Erasmus + KA2 program was held last week on 17-19 May 2022 in England at the partner institution School of Coding.

Zagreb School of Business was presented by Željka Zavišić, Ph.D., Vice Dean for International Cooperation, Sanja Rocco, Ph.D., Head of the Department of Management and Production in Culture, Vice Dean Goran Luburić, M.Sc. oec., Senka Zavišić, Ph.D., and Moodle Merlin institutional administrator Jelena Zeljak.

The meeting included a three-day training of teachers on technical and pedagogical aspects of virtual education in the Moodle system, where numerous tools and possibilities of the system were presented as well as their use in practice. Experiences in distance learning have also been exchanged with partners.

The next step in the Moodle system is preparing a pilot project in which each partner institution will offer one online course, and students will be able to choose them in the winter semester of the academic year 2022/2023.
At the end of the three-day training, a meeting of representatives of all partners in the QVS project was held on Friday, May 20, with reports on the progress of the project.


• improve the quality of virtual study
• develop a virtual learning environment methodology for inclusive learning
• improve the competencies of academic staff
• ensure the recognition of virtual studies

Kaunas University of Applied Sciences from Lithuania is the coordinator of the project and international meetings, while Zagreb School of Business´s role is to spread awareness about the project.
Other partner institutions participating in the QVS project, in addition to the already mentioned School of Coding and Kaunas University of Applied Sciences, are Francisco de Vittoria in Madrid (Spain) and Savonia University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

The host of this meeting, the School of Coding is located in the suburbs of Birmingham, the city of Wolverhampton. Coding, computing and digital skills are just some of the services they offer.
Working across the UK and expanding within Europe, they provide lessons in a hybrid environment – online learning for those who cannot access education centers. The School of Coding specializes in supporting teaching according to GCSE and A-Level STEM qualifications, also providing courses for adults who want to improve their computer science knowledge. They work in partnership with 3 major universities and over 150 primary and secondary schools across the UK. Their goal is to inspire young people and bring computer science closer to them to create as many computer scientists and coders as possible in the United Kingdom.

The next meeting of the project is scheduled for October this year when the Zagreb School of Business will be the host.