Interview with our Erasmus student Marina Ivana Brnabić

ZSB:  How did you choose Zagreb School of Business and Croatia for your Erasmus stay? Did it meet your expectations? Were you satisfied with choice of courses in English?

I searched for possible partner universities on my universities website with the intention that I would preferrably go to Croatia. I saw a document of a student`s stay in Zagreb where he talked about his experience a few years prior. I wanted to improve my croatian and still be close to my family there. That is why I chose Zagreb, but also because the city itself is very much alive and fun.

ZSB: How was your experience at the ZSB faculty, relationship with your professors? Did you make some new friendship with other students?

The professors were all very nice to us and accomodating. I never had such a nice experience when it comes to teachers/professors so that was a nice point. All the questions were answered, the lessons were interesting and fun. The only sad part is that we didn´t get to have lessons and therefore connections with regular students.

ZSB:  What was your experience living in Zagreb? Did you travel other parts of Croatia? What did you like most?

The city is very nice and has many going out opportunities. I loved strolling the streets when the weather was nice and visiting parks. I also travelled to Split, Rijeka and Pula which was fun. In comparisson is damlatia nicer in my oppinon but it is still nice seeing different parts of the coast. I also visited slavonia to visit my friends and grandma. Going to the beach was my favorite part of my trip.

Marina Ivana Brnabić

Student @ Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Ludwigshafen am Rhein